Tyler Perry blessed Bishop TD Jakes

20130902-024514I was asked a few times what did I have to say about it and so I decided to place what I wrote to someone on my blog site….

When blessings of the sort are spoken it’s a powerful moment!

When hands are laid in conjunction with a spoken blessing it is even MORE powerful.

When the blessing is spoken over you by someone who has done or is doing something that is similar to what you are attempting to do  AND decree it blessed while laying their hands on you, and then in addition they give something to you that is their’s to empower you or in this instance sow into you? Humph. That is more than  a blessing – that’s IMPARTATION!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what has happened. Bishop TD Jakes is a great man of God (whose ministry I support monthly) and he is an agent of God. For some time now Bishop has been using his pulpit ministry, books, music, and more recently plays and movies to evangelize the world. Not one black man in the church community has done what he has done. Likewise Tyler Perry has been used by God to introduced to the world on an even greater scale and in a unique way the black church’s take on spirituality  to include, prayer, praising God, the Holy Bible, speaking in tongues, and even some of the wisdoms that many southerners (black and other ethnicities alike) we were raised with that are deeply rooted in Christ truth.

I believe Tyler actually graced Bishop Jakes with the same grace that is upon his life empowering Bishop Jakes to do what he has been doing on a scale as large and even larger than Tyler’s. This impartation that Jakes received wasn’t JUST about the youth center but clearly about a new generation he is “building for” (being the many ministers and senior leaders alike that need to follow his approach in soul winning/evangelism).

This is what I believe has taken place and believe that this moment was very powerful and significant!

As to the critics I say this in love and I quote myself LOL ….”I believe religious folk stink in God’s nostrils. They sure do in MINE!”….

-Dr. Larry D. Reid


6 thoughts on “Tyler Perry blessed Bishop TD Jakes

  1. You have made a very valid and spiritual point. We must be careful not to speak so quickly against something we don’t understand or think we understand. The Lord said that He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. We cannot decipher who does/doesn’t get the outpouring. It’s more helpful to just pray rather than speak negatively.

  2. Oprah and Tyler Perry have given the church a better name than those who supposedly are ambassadors of the church. Never in our history has one represented the black pentecostal to the world like T. D. Jakes has. He has exemplified the art of keeping his roots, while striving forward into uncharted territories. Who would’ve ever known that the black pentecostal would crossover into the mainstream while still speaking in tongues and believing in the Name of Jesus Christ! T. D. Jakes should be celebrated, not hated. As for Tyler Perry, God uses that man. On The Have and the Have Nots, when the maid prayed for her friend/boss (I’m not good with television names) and she finished her prayer with authority in her voice resounding these three words, IN JESUS NAME, He opened a door that can never be shut.


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