Tyler Perry a movie mogul or minister? “A Madea’s Christmas”

I will try to keep this short but I am so inspired. I just left the movie theater and I saw “A Madea’s Christmas”. Tyler Perry has done a great job on so many levels with this movie. I don’t know if this will be one of his biggest Madea movies or not, but this one like the others is so loaded with trues to live by. Racism is addressed heavily, bullying, prayer being removed out of school, and Jesus being removed from the meaning of Christmas. We saw the racism of African Americans and the openness of White Americans. Makes you think, who are the real racists? In the movie you will see the struggle that men have with change and upgrade as well as the secrets that people keep because of a lie that they believe about themselves(that in most cases was told to them and not fostered by them). Not only were these ills of our society (including our churches) highlighted in the movie, but in the same movie resolve was presented.

Tyler explained how there are many things surrounding Christmas tailor made to replace Jesus Christ as the first part of a grand scheme to remove Him all together.

For some time now I have known and those that I have taught as a pastor and master teacher in a school of prophets that Tyler Perry was coming on the scene to bring the truth of Christ in a way that wasn’t common and would be fought by many. It was prophesied in February of 2007 by the Spirit of God in Fayetteville, NC that “My truth shall invade Hollywood”.  Unarguably, no one has ministered on the big film the way Tyler Perry has. I am so glad that I am able to see this prophecy come to pass before my eyes!

Tyler Perry! Who is he really? A movie mogul or a minister? I think I know!

I am Dr. Reid and this is what I was thinking!

Go and watch the movie and enjoy!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry a movie mogul or minister? “A Madea’s Christmas”

  1. Awesome!!!!I believe he’s an Uncommon Minister.Has all of America talking about the Jesus!!!!What a funny yet clever way to convey Gods message!!!

  2. I am not surprised by the brilliance which is the mind of Tyler Perry. The anointing on his life is beautiful, pure and refreshing. I am reminded of the words of 1 Cor. 1:27 KJV, God is truly using the foolish things of the world to confound the wise! It brings my heart joy to see God moving beyond the “church”, and planting his believers in strategic positions in the wider marketplace! The spirit of truth is speaking to those that have an ear! It gives me even greater joy, to be found worthy to be included in the number, of those who hear and do! God isn’t waiting for people to come to our church settings, conferences, prayer meetings, bible studies or conference calls; yet he is using his people to bring the manifestation of God in their life in unexpected venues. The world has been waiting, yearning even for those that would lift the name of Jesus, beyond the trappings of sexuality, dogma, tradition and even their own opinions!
    I am proud of Tyler Perry for his work, he has refused to be pigeon holed by a lack of resources, teachers or any of the pertinent things the “church world”, even the “secular world”, would deem his qualification. He is not afraid to be associated with that which he may not practice, may have at times done secretly, or at times speak against because he is furthering the kingdom, with a kingdom mindset! It is because of his willingness to not be offended that he has been obedient to God despite the opinions and voices of the naysayers. I pray that God raise up more like him to prominence, and that ultimately God’s name be lifted up in every sphere of the marketplace!

  3. I support this message. A lot of restrictions are man made out of ignorance. Just because his ministry is different, its been prejudged by those who are boxed in with those man inflicted standards. He is a minister whether or not he has the title and stands behind a pulpit and will possibly reach more souls thanthe pulpit proned. Ijs….

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