Jesus Christ: God of My Spirituality

Spirituality is all about consciousness. Coming into an awareness of the core self and maintaining that awareness at all times and in all situations. Through a relationship with God which began when I was introduced to Jesus in the Christian Church – I continue to enjoy all of the rewards of a very exciting spiritual life. However, many more people are finding it difficult to connect to God through religion and I understand why. “By the skin of my teeth” –  I found Jesus (the son of God).

See, unlike the “spokesmen” for the gods of the other 3 major religions in the world, Jesus claimed to actually be God. He claimed to be the Son of God and called God His Father which is literally to say He was God. Of the 4 major religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam – it is Christianity that  introduces Jesus.  Unlike the other “spokesmen” of these religious, Jesus claimed to be God and claimed to remedy ALL by sacrificing his life and dying for the sins of ALL men – so that none would perish. This is one of the biggest differences between Jesus and Muhammad, Buddha, Lord Krishna, or any of the sages of these religions. Jesus came to reconcile ALL men with God and pardon ALL sins. Though there are similar stories hundreds and thousands of years older than the bible – history had never seen anything like Jesus before. He was real. He is real. He is God. This is what I believe.

Prophet Muhammad was a great man, Gautama Buddha was an enlightened man, Lord Krishna is a profound sage, but Jesus embodied what they were and superseded their ability and their qualities as God and as a man – for He was both. Most religions were started by someone who claimed to have had either a supernatural vision or a divine message but in addition to that Jesus added that He was the message to embrace. He was God. He was and is the phenomenon in history and in science doing what no one else had done before. God and man.

Many Christians do not believe that Jesus Christ is God but the bible that Christians preach from clearly states that He is. Believing He isn’t God really subjects your belief system to Christianity’s version of and/or explanation of Jesus which really is a Roman constructed idol – and is the diabolical replica of God that is more widely known and received today. That Jesus is not the true son of God but has been manufactured by Christianity. Modern Christianity is so terribly mongrel and mixed that it makes relationship with God through Jesus Christ difficult to discover in Christian denominations (though not impossible). Relationship with God by way of Jesus Christ is for ALL people.

He is the unimaginable existence of Love. I do not believe that this Jesus which is REVEALED in the Scriptures can be refused when He is properly presented to others. That Jesus is Love. He is the embodiment of the greatest Love in this world. Jesus and who He was and is can be seen in many religions of this world. Let me share this truth with you. ANY religious construct or practice that teaches or admonishes  1) Love for yourself and a selfless love for others 2) Give and it shall be given 3) self discipline 4) commitment to good character and doing good to others 5) and an unwavering faith in yourself and all that is good – is admonishing the teachings and ways of Jesus. That religion will connect its followers to God – for Jesus is the pathway to Father God. That God is the Lord God of the Universe and the God who is of Love. Religions rarely give its followers this privilege of being introduced to that God because of all of the additional doctrines, beliefs, practices, and traditions that they require strict devotion to in order to be “acceptable in God’s sight”. Refusing that devotion means disobedience to God, and His displeasure kindled. See, people get “lost in the sauce” of religion. Many devout followers have to abandon their religion to truly find God because of the distractions and misconceptions within these religions about Him.

Religion gives its devout adherers to its rules the hopeful feeling that “God” is pleased with them and with how they live their life and will bless them with the good life or either let them go to heaven when He returns. They escape hell. Though this religious holiness is profitable to them and is revered in most communities for being above-par conduct and behavior – it isn’t truly spirituality.

The 5 practices numbered and italicized above embody who Jesus is and can be found in many religions – as a result there are many paths to getting to know Jesus. And though there are many paths to Jesus – Jesus is the Way to God. Jesus Christ is the God of my spirituality.


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