We Are Gay

The following is a Monologue written by Larry D. Reid for actors auditioning for a role in one of his plays in 2015

What do you do with this gay. It’s sort of ‘in the way’. It’s oddly shaped, brightly colored, sticks out among the rest and it won’t act straight! What do you do with it? What do you do with this gay? I tell ya, no one knows what to do with it! Let’s ask moms, question the dads, tell the teacher to speak on it and the preacher to preach on it! Somebody – anybody – nobody knows what to do with this gay. I know! Let’s ask God. Let’s search His holy book.

Ummmmm I see what He says …..how wrong it is….. how abnormal it is….. how unique it is? It’s so rare that He didn’t speak on it like He did other things, but His people sure do. Maybe God doesn’t know – I mean, He didn’t give us much of a show in The Text to know? I do know that

But, YOU don’t know – WE don’t know and ME don’t know what to do with this gay. So let’s just throw it away. Yikes it’s back! It’s louder now. It’s bigger than it’s ever been. It’s everywhere. It’s in the common places and the not so common of places.

Wow-wee let me see. One, two, three and me? I didn’t even know. I thought it was just the homosexuals that the church, the government, organizations and institutions had a problem with – but its not. They have a problem with gay: the brilliant and the brightly colored, oddly shaped, and that which sticks out. The stupendous and the impressive they hate that it can’t be boxed in.

So now I see, anything that doesn’t conform or refuses to change its form – is gay. Well gay I’ll be and gay you’ll be and we will always be treated gay. We are the rarity. We are gay and gay is the phenomenon!

©Copyright 2015. LDREnterprises


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