How Do I Recover From Religion?

So many times I am asked by people of all religious beliefs “How do I heal my thinking and what feels to be my soul from the warp that it has experienced?” They tend to believe it’s primarily the result of the years of frequenting church, temple, mosque, synagogue, monastary or the like. These are the 4 things I tell them and I believe they are important to do if you want to recover from religion and enjoy the pure spirituality that flows out of a connection with God.

  1. Get around those that will challenge the biases you hold.
  2. Stop going to church, mass, temple or any gathering where freethinking is prohibited and thoughts and feelings are contrived or controlled and dialogue isn’t the norm.
  3. Advance your awareness and consciousness through routine personal prayer, meditation, reading, and writing. Take online courses or have some form of continuing education that you are actively participating in.
  4. Trust a spiritual mentor enough to teach you. Expose yourself to them as often as possible to constantly have your thoughts stretched, expanded, and extended.





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